Student Accommodation Consultancy Services

Auskor Australasia offers a range of student accommodation consultancy services to provide clients with access to the operational experience required to improve performance or deliver a large-scale student housing project.

Our portfolio of professional consultancy services includes:

Advisory Services

Access an experienced student housing operational management professional for general advice and opinion.

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Project Planning

Engage a consultant to develop a customised business plan designed to deliver specific residential values, corporate and financial objectives and to inform design principles for a purpose built student accommodation project.

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Project Delivery

Appoint a project team to commission a new building, establish customised operational framework and prepare a new team to operate through the pre-opening to fully operational phase of a project.

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Transition Management

Engage a specialist operational team to transition a student accommodation business from one management model to another.

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Corporate Training

Training programs designed to prepare a new in-house management team to operate a large scale student accommodation business and maximise profitability.

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Workshop Series

Half day facilitated workshops conducted in major cities across Asia and the Middle East designed to provide student accommodation stakeholders with an opportunity to meet and discuss international operational best practice.

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